distance calculator

Understanding the mapĀ 
Map displays your location while app is running. Location is obtained using GPS on your phone.

constant speed
Blue dot indicates that speed has not changed as compared to previous known speed
Red dot indicates that speed has increased as compared to previous known speed
Green dot indicates that speed has decreased as compared to previous know speed

Are numbers in "report" wrong?
Sometimes, numbers in report doesn't match numbers shown on main screen (for example, Average Speed). This happens because numbers on main screen and in report are calculated differently.
Values on main screen are calculated when an event is generated by GPS device in your phone. Whereas, numbers generated for report are calculated at the point in time when "Report" option was clicked.
For example, suppose you were driving and stopped for a while without pausing the Distance Calculator. At this point of time, clock is ticking but GPS is not generating any new event as you are not moving. Now if you try to generate report, numbers will differ considerably based on duration for which you were stationary.

It is not difficult for us to make sure that these numbers always match, but we want to give latest and greatest information to user when "Report" option is clicked. Let us know if you do not agree with this. If we get enough votes, we will revert the change.

Accessing "captured" image
Screenshots created by "capture" functionality of app is saved on external memory of your device (usually sdcard).
This screenshot can be accessed using file managers like "Astro File Manager" or by connection your device to computer. Screenshors are usually saved at location "/mnt/sdcard/distancecalc" directory and with a name of format "yyyy.MMM.DD_HH.mm.ss".
Astro File Manager is available in Google Android market for free download.

To copy captured images using Astro File Manager, use following procedure:
  • open Astro File Manager
  • go to location /mnt/sdcard/distancecalc
  • select files to copy, click on copy (or Ctrl + c)
  • paste (Ctrl + v) file to location where you want to paste files
To copy captured images by connecting your device to computer, use following procedure:
  • on a connected device, open location /sdcard/distancecalc
  • select files to copy, click on copy (or Ctrl + c)
  • paste (Ctrl + v) file to location where you want to paste files

Why to choose "Action"?
Selecting appropriate action is important for various reasons. Based on selected action, app determines frequency at which GPS should be used for location. This helps in optimizing battery's performance of your phone.

Waits for a long time to obtain location
On start, if app is waiting for a long time to obtain GPS location, stop the service and start it again. This usually happens because of GPS's inability to find location.
If problem persists, ensure that you are in a location where GPS signal is reachable.
If you think everything is fine and yet you are not able to run app, feel free to send an email with your phone's model name and I would be more than happy to resolve your problem. Don't worry, your email address will not be shared with anyone else.

Sometimes, restarting phone has helped me as well. Don't rule that out! :)

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