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           Distance Calculator is an Android app designed to measure distance covered while you are walking, biking or driving. It is a very handy app for walker or biker as it can tell you exactly how much distance you have covered and the average speed at which you covered that distance.

  •  calculates distance and average speed while you are walking, biking and driving
  •  allows user to capture screen so as to share it on social networks like twitter/facebook
  •  displays current speed while calculating distance
  •  has a capability to generate report of a calculator session
  •  users can configure if they want report to be generated and/or saved every time they stop the calculator
  •  traces path covered by you and displays it on map [paid version only]
  •  graphically displays variation in speed on map. acceleration (red dot), deceleration (green dot) and constant speed (blue dot) is displayed [paid version only]
  • app is able to handle long (very long) drives. use this app to track your long drives
  • "Pause/Resume" functionality to allow you to save battery if you happened to stop for some time while walking, biking or driving
  •  runs in background and hence is not interrupted by other activities
  •  gives you an option to select action to optimize battery performance
  •  allows you to select the distance unit (km or miles) whichever you are comfortable with


Paid Version Screenshot
Free Version Screenshot
loop screenshot free
Paid Version Report
Free Version Report
paid version report free version report
Available in both versions
Paid Version Screenshot
select action ferry

           Email: androidraj@gmail.com

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